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A: BALI UNDERWATER SCOOTER is created to provide the scuba diving experience to virtually anyone without any of rigors required by the typical diving experience. No certification, no cumbersome attached gear and no experience required. Just sitting in breathing environment and traveling at speeds of up to 2 km/hour, the rider can experience new and exciting underwater vistas. With a basic operating depth of up to 20m, riders have access to shallow reefs without requiring a weight belt or a back strapped tank. The controls operate like your typical motorbike: just turn the handlebars for direction and push the batons for speed and depth. Bali Underwater Scooters has been meticulously design for underwater diving. It turns in almost its own length, has a self-contained breathing environment (natural and comfortable to breath), and provides excellent visibility and distortion free views.

Q: Do I need to know how to swim?
A: You do not need to know how to swim to participate in the Underwater Adventure. The crews are all certified Dive Masters and Dive Instructors: they will be with you throughout the tour. Supervise and escort you around the spectacular coral reef, feeding the fish along the way and stopping to point out the marine life. You are NEVER alone.

Q: Can anyone do the Underwater Adventure?
A: Most people can, however there are a few restrictions: customer must be at least 10 years of age, customer must be at least 140 cm in height, customer must be max 150 kg in weight and customer must be in good health.

Q: Can I wear glasses or contact lens?
A: Absolutely! You will have to hold your glasses in your hand when you put your head in the bubble, but then you can put your hands inside the spacious bubble and put your glasses back on. Contacts are fine as well.

Q: How deep do you go?
A: We keep our underwater scooters at 2 - 3 meters at all times, which is just deep enough to make you feel like you are diving, and to show you some magnificent coral and exotic tropical fish. The underwater scooter unit is connected to a floating buoy with a line. Once we descend the underwater scooter, you will never go any deeper than the length of the line.

Q: Does the engine harm the environment?
A: The underwater scooters are completely environmentally friendly. The unit is not propelled by an engine, but uses a 12 volt battery and a switch. Therefore, there are not any emissions going into the water.

Q: How do you prevent the underwater scooters from banging into the reefs?
A: We are very careful with our reefs and the environment and would never permit this to happen. Your experienced guides are with you during the entire tour to make sure you are comfortable, confident, safe and secure at all times. Each underwater scooter is accompanied by a dive master.

Q: Do I have to have any scuba diving or snorkeling experience to enjoy the sub?
A: Absolutely not! You do not need any scuba diving and snorkeling experience. It is suited for almost anyone.